Wrapping up!

The number of hits to this blog has skyrocketed, from an average of 0 hits per hour to 27 hits per hour.  I guess this means that it’s getting real:  the book is coming out this summer!  See the AMS Bookstore for the latest details and ordering information.  Thanks to the American Mathematical Society for their great efforts in production and marketing.  I worked with the production team on a cover design, and here it is…


Final cover design!

What remains, on my side, are final details for production.  I’ll be receiving the proofs in the next day or two, which gives me a few weeks to check that everything is in good shape.  It also gives me time to make some important minor edits (e.g., changing “any” to “every”, and being more careful when talking about sets) — thanks to the reviewers for the many constructive suggestions.  The bulk of the work will pass to the AMS teams who are working hard to publish this book.

I haven’t posted on this blog for a long time, and I don’t plan to post here in the near future.  I will leave the blog up on the internet though, and I’ll have more to say when I see the text in hardcover for the first time.

Over the summer, I plan on developing a website to accompany the book:  that’s where I hope you’ll find Python notebooks, interactive visualizations (developed with d3.js), the inevitable errata, and more.

Thank you for following, and I hope you enjoy the book!

Current expected publication: late August, 2017.


Return from the dead

To keep it short, without excuses:  I’m back to writing!

I’m moving back to the United States from Singapore this summer.  What this means, practically speaking, is that I have a lot of writing time between now and mid-September.  During the 5-6 weeks when my life’s possessions are in a shipping container, I’ll be on writing retreat at an undisclosed location below.


I’m committed to having a first draft for the referees by June 4, and a final draft by mid-September, and everything is going according to schedule so far.  I’ll update this blog periodically over the summer… so stay tuned for more shortly.